Severe key input lag in Jetbrains Rider + Fedora 40

When using JetBrains Rider on Fedora 40 to work on C# files, the input lag is unbearable. Sometimes it takes upwards of 30 seconds to register a single typed character in the code editing view. This remains true even when I disable nearly all plugins and solution analysis. My CPU is running less than 10% and my RAM is sitting at about 20% usage, so it’s not a system resources problem. It just… freezes up.
Sometimes the lag causes duplication of input too. One time I tapped the backspace key 5 times. Over the next 30 seconds, it slowly backspaced through two lines of text.

The whole OS and installation is less than a week old, so it’s still all pretty fresh.

This is one of the last major hurdles I need to clear to make the transition from Windows to Linux full-time. Please help.

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workstation on silverblue or spins? Flatpak app or there recomended appimage toolbox?

i use there Toolbox app and install all apps with toolbox no lag no issues on SIlverblue

I don’t know the answer to the first question. Whatever is default install.
Looks like I got it through Snap… maybe I’ll try getting the flatpak version…

Weird thing is that I’m noticing this key input lag in other apps too, like Unity and Godot, but much less often than in Rider.

toolbox app is the recommneded and it has all apps even android studio, flatpaks dont have all apps they provide and flatpak support is going away and toolbox/appimages is the one then

I am wonder if the issue is the packaging of the apps you are using or a basic problem.

When you start a terminal and type into it’s command line is there any lag?

Nope. Also not in the basic text editor, nor in VS Code. I have seen it occasionally in game engine editors like Unity and Godot, but it was rare and always very brief so that could have just been normal performance issues (and not a big deal).

Rider is far and away worse than any other program I’ve used so far, in this respect.

Is Rider an X11 program running on the Xwayland server?
Maybe that is slowing the input?

If Rider is Wayland then that is not the issue.

I had multiple issues on Wayland and flatpaks never used snaps on fedora and as I said jetbrains recommend to use there toolbox app and all products are moving there including snaps and flatpaks

Wayland won’t even boot for me. When I try to log into Wayland it just thinks for a second and then boots me back to the login screen.

Thanks for the attempted help, folks, but I think this just became a moot issue.

Fedora seems to have bricked itself somehow. Now, when I boot in, the OS won’t respond to any input at all. The mouse moves. Apps auto-open. But the OS menu bars are totally unresponsive and the Windows/Function key does nothing. I can’t get the OS to respond to input. The installation is only a week old.

I think it might be time to go back to Windows.

Do you have an nvidia GPU? Did you install the rpmfusion drivers for your GPU?

If not that may well be why you are having problems.

If you can get to a terminal, console then your can install the drivers and see if that helps.

Yes, and yes.

Strangely, I was able to “fix” the boot issue by logging into a sideloaded Linux Mint distro. That must have fixed a setting somewhere, because after I tried booting into Fedora after, it went straight through… although several of my settings, most noticeably mouse sensitivity, were reset to defaults after.

No idea how or why any of this happened.

Hi everyone :wave:

I have the same issue (I only work with Console Apps and REST API’s)…It’s very slow.


  • Rider 2024.1.3
  • Fedora Workstation 40 - Linux 6.9.4-200.fc40.x86_64


I started having the same issue when updating to Fedora 40. I’ve found a temporary solution which is to run killall ibus-daemon after each system reboot.

I found the solution here: Keyboard key release delayed (first seen in 1.5.30) · Issue #2618 · ibus/ibus · GitHub

Edit: I also saw this discussion which is most likely about the same root cause (I had occasional keyboard lag in games as well before I started using that killall workaround):


Hmmm… that doesn’t seem to make any difference on my end, so it might be a separate issue.

As far as I know, the latest release of Rider (Rider 2024.1.3 released around two weeks ago) updates the JVM version to one that supports Wayland. I’ll have to double-check though. You may still need to modify the settings to enable it.

FWIW I’m running Rider on Fedora 40 KDE spin on two different systems (one with Nvidia graphics and one with AMD graphics) and aren’t experiencing this issue.