Seemingly random freezes on HP Laptop 15s-fq5xxx with Fedora 38 and 39

The issue

I’m having seemingly random system hang-ups with this laptop that require a hard reboot (ctrl+alt+f3 does nothing).

It’s not clear to me what causes them exactly, but frequency might range from a couple of times per week to a couple of times per day.

I have a feeling it might be happening when my internet connection goes momentarily down, but this is just a guess (and a co-worker of mine, also affected, seems to think it has to do with overloading the system resources, more on that later).

System info

This was happening when I used Fedora 38 and is still affecting me on Fedora 39.
At first, I thought It might have to do with X11/Wayland but after trying both out I can confirm It has nothing to do with it.

Kernel version: 6.7.7
BIOS Revision: 15.6
Firmware Revision: 20.16

This laptop has a full Intel setup (Intel core i7 and intel graphics iris xe), and is being used with an external monitor through a KVM.

What has been tried

Apart from switching back and forth between X11 and Wayland, I tried updating the network drivers and (indirectly) using other distros.

I have also used stress-ng to try and make the issue appear, but with no luck.

Other distros, same Laptop

Since this is my company laptop, there are a bunch of people using it.
Of those of us who use Linux, I have one affected co-worker and another that isn’t.

Other affected co-worker:

Kernel version: 6.5.0
BIOS Revision: 15.21
Firmware Revision: 57.53

Unaffected co-worker:

Kernel version: 5.15.0
BIOS Revision: 15.6
Firmware Revision: 20.16

This makes us think it has to do with the Kernel version.

The reasons I am looking for help here are:

  • I wouldn’t really know how/where to file a bug report for the Kernel (nor if it is appropriate at this stage)
  • I can’t find a way to reproduce this issue, thus I could not tell you if something solves it before a week of daily driving the fix
  • I haven’t found any relevant info in the logs, but I hope that with some help they might provide some insights

The three of us are happy to help troubleshoot the issue further and/or provide whatever info might help.