Seeking Cross-platform Remote Access Software Recommendations

Hello Fedora Community,

It’s me again… I’m searching for a robust remote access software that can be an alternative to AnyDesk or TeamViewer. My work (or with family) often requires me to support Windows users. Therefore, the software must be cross-platform.

Key requirements:

  • Must be able to initiate the client application on the user’s PC and then on my own
  • Needs to bypass firewalls and other potential network obstacles
  • It can be free, open-source or paid - I’m open to all options

I’m looking for suggestions based on your personal experiences with such tools. Any leads, advice, or experiences you could share would be immensely appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!

You could look at NoMachine or rustdesk

I have also used Zoho Assist but that was quite some time ago.

I’m not sure what exactly you might need. But for my needs, I mix tailscale with KDE connect.

Tailscale is a mesh vpn that serves to connect devices through a vpn. All connections are encrypted and peer to peer. They will happen in a local network if possible, or through tailscale servers if not. To me this is awesome since it’s very good at working even in strict networking rules. It also supports ssh to connect devices to run commands and the like. The linux client does not have an official GUI, but there are decent ones on flathub.

KDE connect can connect to devices on a local network, or manually adding their ip address. Here you would have to add their tailscale ip address manually to connect it across different networks. KDE connect allows for awesome things like: running preset commands, remote input, sharing files and clipboard, sharing notifications, and a LOT more. This can be configured to not share as much (like not sharing notifications or clipboard).

There is a lot you can do with the two, I did not mention a lot of it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. That said, this setup won’t be able to share screens as is. You will need to add an extra tool to do this. I would simply setup a video call, get the other person to share screens and then use KDE Connect’s remote input but I can’t say how well it’ll work.

Both are cross platform, though I have only used them across android and Linux. I don’t know if this is exactly what you wanted, but it is what I use.

With many systems one may use Zoom or similar, then share the screen and allow the remote to control it. Zoom is cross platform.

You gave me a lot to study and test.
Thank you very much!

A first test (maybe I’m committing some evaluation error):

  • NoMachine - I need to know the IP address of the target; I can’t ask other people that
  • RustDesk - very similar to AnyDesk / TeamViewer. I can host it on my server too! Multiplatform
  • Zoho Assist - not evaluated. No free version is available
  • KDE Connect / GSConnect - I’m already using it but need to connect to remote machines.
  • Tailscale - I can’t understand if there is a free version that a user can download and run somewhere.
  • AnyDesk - free version available, multiplatform.

I’ve noticed strange behaviour with AnyDesk, something related to duplicating session windows every time I try to minimize it. The issue, on my system, is not related to Wayland or X. Removing AnyDesk.

I think I’ll use RuskDesk.

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Tailscale does provide a free version targeted towards personal use or even family use. You have to create an account using an identity provider (basically signing in through Google, Microsoft, Github etc).
Link to pricing details:

Here is also a quickstart guide. I think it does a decent job at explaining how get started.

Edit: I wrote this without seeing yours edits. I’ll leave this just in case, but good luck with Rustdesk!


The fact is: the medium Windows user needs to download, run, and notify about the ID for the connection.

I can’t imagine someone downloading or registering somewhere to use software for remote connection if this someone needs immediate help.
That’s it.