How to "Remote Login" from Gnome to KDE?

I’ve seen in my laptop there’s Remote Login in Gnome now, Fedora 40.
What’s the most similar setup to do the same thing on my KDE desktop, so that I can remote login from my laptop?
I’ve seen Krfb started with ssh say something about a wayland plugin but I can’t find anything more.
Otherwise should I just install Gnome alongside KDE for the Remote Login?
Thanks in advance for the tips.

What do you plan to do with the remote login? Do you want to have the graphical user interface as well, or just control the other computer via commands in a terminal?

I already have SSH connection, I’d like to have a GUI connection to open GUI programs etc.

I see KDE has KRDC ( K Remote Desktop Client) which uses the VNC protocol to make a connection. I assume Gnome will have something similar as well, but I know nothing about Gnome.
Also it has Krfb which is the serverside. I just made a connection and it works.
All you need is a Remote Desktop Client which uses the VNC protocol.

I was just thinking, you can also use Teamviewer on both sides. And I am sure there are other possibilities as well.

I think you didn’t understand the question!
I specifically need the remote login.
I already tried and used Krfb, but that need to be executed by a user logged in in a system.
I need to open a user session remotely, e.g. what is done by gnome, see GNOME 46 to Introduce Headless Remote Logins via GNOME Display Manager - 9to5Linux

TigerVNC supports headless X11 sessions:
I'm trying to run a remote desktop without monitor but i cannot find out how it works - #4 by vgaetera

sudo dnf install plasma-workspace-x11
sudo tee -a /etc/tigervnc/\
vncserver-config-mandatory << EOF > /dev/null

Thanks a lot, it’s not Wayland but it works very well!

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