Secureboot on Silverblue with Nvidia hardware


I would like to install Silverblue on a computer with an Nvidia graphics card but I’ve heard there are some issues with akmods not signing the driver modules (issue) and therefore Secureboot will not work.

In the above linked issue there are some workarounds listed but I’m not sure which ones work well, so I was hoping someone could provide input on which one to choose, or if other solutions not listed in the issue exist.

It has everything you need including signing keys for secure boot

But on my installs I never had to use those everything just works by following the guide to install drivers and then how to secure boot

The guide you linked suggests this workaround. Do you have any experience with it? Does it work well?

I would like to avoid using random packages from the internet but if there aren’t any other options, I will try it.

I have used that and it hasent failed yet there is Ublue option that has Silverblue and Nvidia already done

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This has everything needed.
I suggest one change.

  1. install akmods first, then reboot.
  2. follow the steps at Howto/Secure Boot - RPM Fusion
  3. install the nvidia drivers, wait a few minutes before rebooting.

By performing the steps in this order the drivers should be signed for use with secure boot as soon as they are installed.

Note that the steps there assume you are using a standard fedora spin that uses dnf for package management. The commands will be slightly different when using silverblue with rpm-ostree.

I have considered Ublue but decided against using it since it’s one more party I have to trust. That is also the case with the package from CheariX from GitHub but it seems simpler and easier to understand (I’m not a developer…) so I think I will try using it instead.

Thank you.

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Ublue is all public and I would say trustworthy, but reasonable point