Problems about NVIDIA

When I execute lspci -vnn or neofetch with a computer which has a NVIDIA MX250 card and a i7-10510U CPU,the whole system will be stuck.But when I do the same thing on another computer which doesn’t have a NVIDIA card,it isn’t stuck at all.

Another problem is that when I execute the .run NVIDIA driver in Silverblue,the install reports a bug and cannot be installed.

This i s one of the ‘features’ of the atomic system.
The user cannot make changes to system directories and must use the rpm-ostree command to layer rpm packages onto the system when installing additional software beyond what is already provided.

If you wish to use the nvidia .run files instead of using the provided rpm packages from the rpmfusion repo then you probably will need to use a standard spin of fedora instead of the atomic version.

Installing the nvidia drivers on an atomic fedora spin is documented at\bCategoryHowto\b)
under the special notes.


But when I install akmod-nvidia package ,it will be stuck when I run some apps such as OBS Studio.