Secure boot is off

Both Secuirty checks and secure boot is failed and off. How do I fix this?

You can turn on secure boot in BIOS/UEFI Setup Utility. Depending you your mainboard/hardware vendor you enter by pressing ESC, or F10, or F12, or DEL right after turning on the machine.

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A user also must consider what 3rd party software may be involved before enabling secure boot.

If, for example, they have VirtualBox, or Nvidia, or similar drivers installed they must take steps to ensure those drivers are signed and the keys enrolled into the bios before enabling secure boot or those drivers will no longer load.

I know this thread is beginning to get old and sorry for not responding back immediately. But I hope you are still on. I found out that my secure boot is enabled but it seems to not affect the status that is saying explicitly that I haven’t enabled secure boot. I have information about my vendor/bios version here it is:

BIOS Information
Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.
Version: 1502

Should I contact them or what should I do.

Thank you.

Please run dmesg | grep -i secure
That will tell you if secure boot is enabled or disabled when the system boots.

If secure boot is enabled then the app is wrong. If disabled and you want to enable it then you must enter the bios setup menu during boot and enable it.

This could be an issue with the app and not with secure boot at all, but we need troubleshooting to tell that.