Secure boot dkms question

I want to install the xone xbox game pad driver with secure boot.
It requires dkms, and as per it should generate the certificate in the default location, which is /var/lib/dkms

I have installed dkms and enabled and started the service, however dkms is not generating the self signed certificates.

What is the process to have dkms generate this?

Is it because a previous signing key exists already?

2bb010e24d fedoraca
6b2b0cda84 localhost-live.lan-1576238647
5bb010b999 Graphics Drivers
9498f494ee DKMS module signing key
0edfa751c1 ApexPredator.lan-270440835
54f41874f4 grub

Will the previous key be reused, or do i need to purge that key and generate a new one?

Any key already imported into bios remains in use until it is removed or expires.

I have no clue why you would be concerned when the way to test is to install the package and see if it works. If not then ask how to fix the failure. We cannot test and only guess for your answer.

Why do you need to install these drivers? What problem will they solve?

I use the Xbox Elite 2 controller on fedora without the need for additional drivers. It works great with games on Steam for me.

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Added dkms, gamepad, secure-boot

I have bought many XBOX/One/Series controllers including 3rd Party vendors and the 3rd party ones need the drivers. Some use a dongle for wireless, some use bluetooth, and other features for the keypad.

What I don’t understand is the need to sign game pad driver?! :thinking: Also assuming you are Dual Booting Fedora with Windows ?

If secure boot is enabled then the driver (a kernel module) must be signed.
If secure boot is disabled then they do not need to be signed but the OP said using secure boot.

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The more you know :rainbow:

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So I got lucky with using a wired connection on a Microsoft XBOX elite 2 controller? (Note to self: Must test with some older controllers to see if they work out of the box).

The Elite is the only one I have never purchased. I think it was $150 ? and the 3rd Party ones between $15-$45 All Official Xbox ones I recall worked OOTB (Wired usb3). Need to look at my Amazon history to check how many controllers I have bought. . .

Yes, but its higher quality and has extra buttons that can be programmed as easy ways to do things like hat clicks that I find hard to do. Lots of quality of life features as well, adjustable tension on joysticks for example.


Because I use the wireless dongle, that is what the drivers are for.

The driver actually works great with Secure Boot.


This was a key from a previous Fedora installation.
What was stumping me was the fact that DKMS didn’t auto generate the mok keys like it was supposed to after it was installe.
Because of this I was unable to import the keys using mokutil so that dkms could sign the wireless dongle driver after install.

I had to generate the keys manually and then add with mokutil.

Ah, The key must be from the current installation.

If you upgrade the key remains, but a new installation does not keep the key. Yes, it would need to be generated and imported new with a newly installed system.

Did the newly generated key solve the issue? If so then please mark the solution. If not then let us know so we can continue troubleshooting.

Just as an afterthought. If the module was compiled before the key was generated then you may need to remove the unsigned module and create it new so it is then signed.