OpenRazer and Secure Boot?

I’ve got Secure Boot happily turned on in this Fedora 35 system. I just installed OpenRazer:

and, even though this new mouse is being recognized by Fedora, the OpenRazer front-end (Polychromatic) is saying it’s unrecognized. Reading through the material at the OpenRazer git page points to it being a problem with their “DKMS” modules (whatever that means) not being signed and my having Secure Boot enabled. Unfortunately, they don’t have any instructions for how I should sign those modules to satisfy Secure Boot.

Can anyone here point me to some detailed, current, pertinent instructions for signing the OpenRazer DKMS modules?

I found this:

which appears like it’s the right thing. He’s got a comment after the code with a modifier that supposedly has this working with a previous version of OpenRazer and Fedora 34. I can’t figure out what it’s doing, but it’s a start.