XPADneo doesn't install on 5.19.16 but on 5.19.15

Hello i normally installed xpadneo on my fedora 36 with kernel 5.19.16, but then i restared and connected to my gamepad
it didn’t vibrate
maybe launch xpadneo manually?
modrprobe xpadneo
It said that it doesn’t found it in my kernel modules
i checked /lib/modules and in 5.19.15 kernel xpadneo was

Can someone help me?

Ok i was dumb

I thinked that fedora uses dkms by default
i installed dkms
and now i’m installing it

How to sign DKMS?
Cause i think i need sign it first to work with secure boot.

Dkms does not need signed. That is a system program that runs in the background when needed, and seldom from the command line. Also, by default fedora does not use nor install dkms, it uses kmods instead.

If things worked for the install before the update then they should work after the update and if dkms was not needed before the update then it is not likely required after the update.

You said you installed xpadneo “normally” but did not tell us where you obtained it nor how it is “normally” installed, thus it is difficult for us to even guess what may have gone wrong.

Please provide details.

I installed it using DKMS method
i installed DKMS and used install.sh to install xpadneo
after that

when i modprobe hid-xpadneo

it says
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘hid_xpadneo’: Key was rejected by service

I think it can be cause of secure boot signing
for ex. for akmods i needed to generate akmod keys

i will try kmod version from atim’s copr

i just installed kmod-xpadneo from atim’s copr