SDDM cursor size too large after upgrade to Fedora 38

Since I upgraded to Fedora 38, the cursor size in SDDM is larger than what it used to be. How can I fix the incorrect behavior? It used to work properly on Fedora 35-37.

I was struggling with the same issue. Adding CursorSize=24 (which is size i have set also in plasma settings) into [Theme] section in /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf fixes this. Not sure if this is the “correct” way to solve this though.

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I think this is a decent way to solve this. Apparently when no cursor size is specified SDDM is defaulting to what I think is size 36 instead of your default cursor size.

Thank you for the solution.

I just opened a bug report (hope its for the right component).

I checked the bug report. I should add that the issue happens on X11 sessions not only Wayland.
Edit: SDDM itself runs a Wayland session, but I login to an X11 session.

Ok, but SDDM on F38 is sddm-wayland as long as I know.
To check this, what is the output of the command:

rpm -qa|grep sddm

Yes you’re right, SDDM is running a Wayland session.


This is the relevant change:

Thank you for pointing it out.