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I have a problem since last update - when I switch between windows, when I start scrolling in the new window, it jumps seemingly to random place, it does not do this always and so far I fail to see the pattern on when it does happen.

I am a developer, so I am switching between browser and VS code and when I scroll in either one, before it starts acting as expected, it scrolls to end of page/ start of page - seems really random.

If anybody can help I’d be glad.

Found a solution to this, still not completely sure why and there have been more solutions in the thread, but this worked for me:

Just posting here in case anybody would have the same problem. Basically windows would listen to scroll events while other windows would be active, therefore after switching back to a window and scrolling, first the scroll from the other window would apply and then the scroll that is meant to happen. Hope that makes sense.

Thread about the problem:



I had noticed that behavior in gnome-console and gnome-terminal, but had not worried about the cause since it seemed minor to me.

This thread and the workaround seemed simple so I tried that fix. Thankfully it worked and at least so far I no longer am getting the extreme jumps when scrolling in the terminal window.

Thanks for posting the fix for us. :clap: :+1:

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