Cursor movement errors

Since I installed Fedora-35 Beta the cursor jumps about when editing text files with Gedit or Gex or using CherryTree notes. It doesn’t happen with Gnome Text Editor or LibreOffice Writer.

If I have the cursor at the top of a file, then use the mouse to move further down the file and left-click, I would expect the cursor to move to the mouse-pointer position. It doesn’t, the whole document jumps by a page or more.

This might be a Gnome-41 issue, I would post a comment if I knew where.

Gnome has a different system it is on GNOME · GitLab.
Filing bugs for fedora is at

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I was aware of that site, but couldn’t find just “Gnome-41”, there is Gnome-shell but I’m not sure what that is. Although I get logged in I’m not permitted to log any problems. Someone else will have to deal with it.

Is it this issue Wrong scrolling when clicking on title / buttons in window title (#473) · Issues · GNOME / gedit · GitLab


No - I hadn’t done that, however I’ve just tried it and it does happen. My problem is different - it is the issue gedit 40.1 on Fedora Silverblue beta 35 view jumping about after using mouse scroll and click (#466) · Issues · GNOME / gedit · GitLab which has been closed (I’ve just realised I had commented on that). I’ll add a comment to the open one or my comment will be lost.

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