Fedora 38 - scroll jumps back after system update

Hi all,

I have installed the latest updates for my Fedora 38 machine, and now have an issue that, when I try to scroll down, it scrolls at the first click, but at the second click it scrolls back up to the original position.
This happens only for my external Microsoft mouse, which is connected via an USB dongle. The touch pad works fine.
Could anyone assist, please? I’m not even sure where to start troubleshooting.

Thank you

Have you tried using the scroll wheel? and does that work? (Or clicking on the position bar and dragging it if no scroll wheel is available?)

Your description only implies using the tiny arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar and not trying the alternate ‘click & drag’ scroll method.

Thanks for your reply. Let me try to rephrase. I see that my initial question doesn’t make much sense. I use the scroll wheel on my mous. This wheel is turning smoothly. It’s got some notches/cicks/steps. I’m not sure how to describe it in english. The thing is that when I turn the wheel one step, let’s call it, the page scrolls a little but when I turn it the next step, the page goes back up in its original position. Hope I was able to explain it correctly this time :slight_smile:

Clicking and scrolling are normally described differently so I misunderstood and thought you were clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar. To me a click is using the mouse button. A step on the scroll wheel is a step, not a click (in my understanding).

This still leads back to the same question. Does attempting to scroll using alternate methods work properly or not. Click & drag or using the arrows on the scroll bar?

Did it work properly before the update?

Have you rebooted to see if that might resolve the issue?

Thanks for your replies. Turns out it’s a hardware issue. I have tested the mouse on another laptop, and it has the same behaviour