Screen lock also closes all opened apps

  1. Automatically locking screen also closes all opened apps. After the screen turns on all opened apps had gone with an error message, “We are sorry, it looks like a problem occurred …”.
  2. Every day when I turn on the computer, Fedora 34 pops up the error message, “We are sorry, it looks like a problem occurred …”.
  3. Are no.1 & no.2 from I have installed a lot of Extensions ?

Sorry for asking all those matters in 1 question for I’m afraid that it’s the continuous problems.

If you can, disable all extension and try again to see if it make a difference.

It’s Status Area Horizontal Spacing.
Disable it, all opened apps will not be closed in automatic screen lock.

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Please provide feedback to the Extension Author.


one more reason to just stick with KDE.

There are bugs in all software; there’s no need for this.


So true.

I am new to Plasma, but are forced to use it for two weeks as my Gnome cannot start due to .

Plasma has the WOW factor - when my daughter sees the login screen, she is interested enough to ask for what it is - but she never ask when I am using GDM/Gnome.

Now, after the work around is find, with my limited experience of Plasma, I will stick with Gnome .

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I had ever used Fedora 3x KDE desktop environment from Spins in the past, but I faced and reported a dozen of bugs in BASIC IDE of LibreOffice (Calc).
After making a U-Turn to GNOME, ‘all’ those bugs disappeared.
Initially, I really hated the top panel. But after I have installed BaBar Task Bar Extension and been using for a while, now I finally love GNOME without any conditions.

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