Screen Artifacts with Adaptive Sync on Wayland (Fedora 39 KDE)

I have switched from Windows 11 to Fedora, and I have been having some screen flickers/artifacts occasionally appear on my screen. They are significantly more frequent and noticeable while playing games through Steam.

These flickers occur even on the monitor not playing the game. I have been unable to replicate this issue on X11. I messed around with display settings, and noticed that turning off adaptive sync on both monitors resolved the issue, but ideally I would like to have adaptive sync enabled.

Is there something I am missing or should I file a bug report? Apologies, I am relatively new to Linux and Fedora.

PC Hardware:
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
AMD RX 7900 XT
OS: Fedora Linux 39 (KDE Plasma) x86_64
DE: Plasma 5.27.11

Steam is a 32 bit game environment.
Steam does not work well with wayland.

I suggest that when playing games you log in using xorg.
You can use wayland if you wish for most everything else, but steam works best with xorg.

If this occurs at other times then it would seem an issue with ‘adaptive sync’ as you have indicated and may be best approached with either a bug report showing the situation or a feature request to the developers.

Since you state that it does not appear with X11 then it would seem to be related to wayland.


Was wondering if you found a fix for this?

CPU: 5800x
GPU: 7800xt
Gnome 45.5

I’ve got the same artifact as you, it was totally fine on 6.7.11-200.fc39.x86_64.

Where as 6.8.4-200.fc39.x86_64 onwards is causing the weird artifact.

I did not find a “fix” for this explicitly, besides disabling adaptive sync. However, I did do a fresh install of Fedora 40 (KDE spin) (currently on 6.8.x) and I have not encountered any of these artifacts since.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

another “fix” i found was to put the monitor in landscape(flipped) seems to have also stopped the artifacts, although logging out and back in freaks it out then calms down.

want to try everything possible before buying a new monitor, although mine seems to be leaning towards that :frowning:

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