Intermittent fuzzy graphics/text with Wayland and 4K


I’ve not tried Wayland much before since have had a Nvidia card for the last few years and there’s almost at once been something glitchy, in an app or somewhere in the plasma environment, or in how a game behaves. Recently I acquired a lower-power machine for most things except gaming, it has an i5 1240P cpu+gpu, so Alder lake with integrated graphics.

What with Plasma 5.26 and the option to let “legacy” X apps apply scaling themselves things like Obsidian and Insomnia now look normal with Wayland (previously they were scaled wrong or looked fuzzy) and with this Intel GPU I’m almost having a seamless transition from X11.

→ One thing that reoccurs however is that intermittently the Konsole and Telegram messenger at the very least will be opened from minimized and have fuzzy graphics, most noticable from whatever text they show. Minimizing the windows and opening them again has no effect but closing the application and starting it anew always fixes the issue. In addition the issue affects the System Settings., right now those look as if they’ve dissolved partway in water and if the mousepointer is hovered over an item like the KDE wallet the popup is crisp. If I close and open the System Settings again they will be ok.

Settings - Display - is set at 4K, 150% scaling, let X11 applications apply scaling themselves and Save display’s properties for any display arrangement.

(The same machine has no similar issues running X11)

(The Nvidia machine is still a no for Wayland since resizing an Obsidian window or any other “legacy” window will make it blink furiously and, well, X11 works flawlessly)

I’d like to get with Wayland as it is the future, render by client is in other areas as well. Vector tile background maps for instance. So can anyone give any advice or references to/for the issue described?