Scanner device not found


I have two fairly current machines, and both have Fedora 37 installed with all updates.
I also have a Fujitsu ScanSnap S5100M scanner connected via USB.
I am using the gscan2pdf program
Both have hplip 3.22.10

One machine scans fine.
The other machine, hooked to the same scanner, tells me, “No device found”

Not sure where to go next. Sure appreciate any help!


Blake McBride

Do both systems have the same list of installed “sane” packages for dnf list \*sane\*?

Disfunctional marriages of cables ports are all too common – if you are using different USB cables on the 2 systems, swap them and see if the problem moves. If the problem doesn’t move, try different USB ports on the non-working system.

Use lsusb, dmesg, and journalctl to compare entries for the scanner across the 2 systems.

There have been problems with radio-frequency interference from USB3 affecting older devices. If multiple USB devices are connected to the failing systems, try it with just the scanner.

Have you seen that there is also a GUI?

sudo dnf install hplip-gui

I am not familiar with that scanner.
Is it supported by hplip?
If so is it also supported by the hp proprietary plugin that is required for use of the scanner on HP MFP devices?
Is libsane-hpaio installed on both systems?
Is there another specific driver or package needed to use that scanner?

I have an HP MFP with hplip and hplip-gui both installed as well as sane, libsane-hpaio, and gscan2pdf and have no problems using the scanner (with either sane or gscan2pdf) on the HP printer as long as I update the plugin every time the hplip version is updated. The plugin must be updated manually.