SB - Self Intro


I thought this should go in the SB Category since it is more about SB than Fedora in general - I have been:

  • a Linux user since the kernel 0.9 days
  • a RH user since v4
  • a Fedora user since the beginning
  • an Atomic user for a backup server from some time ago

When I installed Atomic on a backup server I realised Atomic was something special - now I have bitten the bullet and started installing SB on my workstation and laptop - and I am really excited about it! - it reminds me of the old days when you had to configure and build your own kernels! ATM, my aim is to read all the SB forum stuff and work out how to build my own minimal base (without PulseAudio) that I can layer with whatever I need according to server, workstation or laptop needs.

Thanks to everyone who have been working on this project - I love it!