Running Fedora 38 with RST

I recently purchased a 2-3 year old Lenovo C940 with Windows 10 and the Optane memory management. I wanted it set up to dual boot F38 and was ignorant of what Optane is or how it operates. I made space on the 512 gb ssd and proceeded to install F38. I quickly got a message saying that I needed to disable Optane in the BIOS before installing which I did. However, RST refused to be changed to ACHI. I proceeded with the install and it all worked out OK. Both OSs boot and run as they should. I found out later that Fedora (according to what I read) is not compatible with RST and it is surprising that it installed and runs.
I’m willing to do some experimenting, but I don’t want to trash the system. My question is regarding what, if anything, I need to do from hear on. Can I expect the system to keep operating normally without Optane and with RST in the BIOS? Fedora 39 is about to be released and I will probably do a clean install rather than update. Should I expect any problems? Or, should I take any special measures? Do any of you dual booters know if updating Windows 10 to 11 will require an installer specifically for RST but without Optane or will the installer I have been using on an older computer detect what’s there? I have given some thought to putting in a new SSD. If I do, will that make it work as if Optane was never there? Should I have any concerns about RST being fixed in the BIOS or is there a work-a-round?
That’s a lot of questions. Thanks for any help and/or advice.

Linux supports intel RST and has done for more then 10 years.
I have been using RST or BIOS RAID for many years.

What was the message that said it had to be turned off?

There are many links returned when doing an online search for intel RST and fedora. It seems intel actually supports linux with operating on hardware using RST.

As I was installing F38 from a usb stick. First, no disks were recognized and then Anaconda gave a message that Optane had to be disabled in the BIOS. I think it also mentioned turning on ACHI but I’m not certain. I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.
In searching around for more information and trying to answer the questions I posted, i came across several fairly recent comments about Fedora not supporting RST (or maybe it was Linux in general). Your (and jeffV) confirmation that Fedora does support it is welcome. I will stop fretting about it and continue on. There appears to be no way to make the switch on this machine any way.
At the moment, I have no need or desire to re-activate Optane. Do you know or have an opinion on whether Fedora and Windows will continue to function properly including updates, upgrades, and even a new ssd if I choose to do that?
Thanks for your replies.

Sorry I have no experience with Optane.