Running a binary from the terminal


I have been trying to install a binary from the terminal but whenever I execute ./foo, it says that there is no such file or directory by that name.


Is your terminal in the correct directory? You can change directories via cd and check the one you’re in via pwd. You can also run a binary by specifying the full path, e.g. /home/user/wherever/my-binary instead of ./my-binary (. means "the current directory).


I have tried all of the above and it shows up when i do ‘ls’, but it still does not work.


I’m trying to run the humble bundle binary for the game fez, it works when i run it on fedora 29


Could you give us a paste with more information? Like the output of pwd, ls, file ./foo, and any relevant entries from journalctl -b?


Can you run ldd ./foo? I’m kind of suspecting it might need 32-bit libraries in order to run.


Is this running on the Steam platform?