Rpmfusion free not available by default

Why does Fedora does not offer to enable rpmfusion free, but does offer rpmfusion nonfree?
I mean, after install F39 (at least KDE Plasma Spin), you have:

I don’t understand the rationale behind of it.

Thanks in advance

What you’re seeing in that list aren’t the overall RPM Fusion repositories, but special “sub-repositories” specific to Nvidia drivers and to Steam and containing only those packages.

You’d need to use the instructions on the RPM Fusion website to enable the overall ones.


Because of legal issues with patent encumbered software I believe.
Maybe also be issues around licence restrictions in some software.


Thanks Barry, but my question was the legal logic, not technically how to enable repos :slight_smile:

Thanks John: Of course, I imagine it must be due to a patent issue in the USA, because otherwise the reason why non-free packages are offered and the free ones do not even appear is not explained…

I thought I did address the none technical issue. Baffled by you reply.