Non free RPM Fusion repos

is there reason why enable thirdparty repos enables some, but not all like why non-free RPM Fusion Repository is not included? by this i just asking since it has more RPM packages to install if you prefer those more than Flatpaks

there is enabled non free nvidia and non free steam but not all

As stated above, it is for legal reasons.
The additional rpmfusion repos can be configured as shown here

Is it actually illegal to have a button to enable full rpmfusion and flathub?

I mean the “extra repos” is an RPM so it is made by Fedora, but adding the repos from online sources?

This would be so important for usability.

Enabling third-party repositories does enable full Flathub starting with F38. The lawyers have not signed off on doing the same for RPM Fusion, and so it can’t happen. You might argue that there’s no difference, but they clearly believe otherwise.

Apparently the lawyers interpret it that way. Directly enabling installation of software that is restricted by US patent and copyright and licensing laws is a very gray area in the courts.

A lot of rpms are not made by fedora, and the ones hosted by rpmfusion aren’t either. Redhat and Fedora are hosted in the US and therefore subject to US jurisdiction. Rpmfusion is not based in the US and is there for out of reach of the courts in USA.