Rpm-ostree error while insalling or refreshing (zchunk error)

Hi, I am currently running silverblue 32 on VM because I want to make sure things work before I switch to it completely. After installing, I did my first upgrade with rpm-ostree upgrade and it has no problem. After rebooting I try to install fish with rpm-ostree install fish but got this error

rpm-ostree install fish
Checking out tree 640eb70… done
Enabled rpm-md repositories: fedora-cisco-openh264 updates fedora
rpm-md repo ‘fedora-cisco-openh264’ (cached); generated: 2020-03-17T20:10:45Z
rpm-md repo ‘updates’ (cached); generated: 2020-05-24T01:33:43Z
Updating metadata for ‘fedora’… done
error: Updating rpm-md repo ‘fedora’: cannot update repo ‘fedora’: Yum repo downloading error: Downloading error: Unable to initialize zchunk file repodata/b7e1566c87075299c4a199737b341e7d15fbf1a4d49c4c2cbe43368437b02c47-comps-Everything.x86_64.xml.zck: Unable to set zchunk file descriptor for repodata/b7e1566c87075299c4a199737b341e7d15fbf1a4d49c4c2cbe43368437b02c47-comps-Everything.x86_64.xml.zck: Unable to find multipart download range
; Last error: Zchunk error: Unable to find multipart download range

I try to rpm-ostree refresh-md but the same error come out.
I’m not sure what’s the problem. Can someone help me please? Thanks.

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Any updates on this.
Or how we can disable zchunk on fedora silverblue.
This is giving me a headache. Any help appreciated.

Thank you.

Well. Take this as a supposition.
In a regular Fedora install, the in /etc/dnf/dnf.conf the zchunk=False option should prevent dnf to use zchunk data.
rpm-ostree uses libdnf as well, but libdnf (again, take this as a supposition, I’m not a developer of these bits) doesn’t honor such option: zchunk is always enabled.

There is a change in the libdnf code: Context part of libdnf cannot assume zchunk is on (RhBug:1851841,1779104) by kontura · Pull Request #998 · rpm-software-management/libdnf · GitHub, but as far as I know it hasn’t still landed in the Fedora libdnf package.

Said that, you know, Fedora Silverblue is not as wide used as a regular Fedora Edition/Spin is. The number of users is still limited, and it is still under heavy development. So it has a dedicated forum you can find here: #silverblue topics
Try to ask there.

thank you for the help.
Unfortunately, I’ve tried the configuration, but no luck.
I’ll try the silverblue forum.

Thanks again for the helpful reply. :+1:

Indeed, it doesn’t work because right now (again, I’m not the developer) the use of zchunk is bundled in the code and it doesn’t take into account the option in the dnf.conf file. I think that this is the same issue with packagekit in regular Fedora.
I think that we have to wait the next version of dnf

However, I still have to understand why zchunk doesn’t work in some circumstances.
@ramasentani, @changwuf31 what kind of internet connection do you use? (ADSL, mobile, …?)

For the records: Howto disable zchunk on rpm-ostree