Rpm.org hypertext link to Fedora docs broken

On the official page of the RPM package manager:
There are several instances of a hypertext link named Fedora RPM Guide which points to “page not found” in our Docs:

Do we have this guide the rpm.org links to, somewhere, and it just got lost (e.g. during witch from wiki Docs to the new format), or does is not exist at all ?

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Some time ago, the Docs team decided to retire very old documentation from docs.fedoraproject.org,
see Time to retire the old Docs website.

You can still find that guide in the designated archival location:

The assumption was that the material is so old that its content is not useful anymore.
I am not sure that it holds for this particular guide — I have not looked at it.
Also, I am not sure if it makes sense to link to that Pagure repo from rpm.org,
since the repo is not (easily) viewable as HTML pages.

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PDF version is also available (and easier to read than the HTML pages on pagure): https://pagure.io/fedora-docs-web/blob/master/f/public_html/en-US/Fedora_Draft_Documentation/0.1/pdf/RPM_Guide/Fedora_Draft_Documentation-0.1-RPM_Guide-en-US.pdf

For anyone interested in reviving this guide, source adoc files are here: Tree - rpm-guide - Pagure.io

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I think rpm.org should now link to this guide instead:


It’s also listed in the package maintainers documentation:

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It was out of date when I started trying to freshen it up in 2009. I never completed that work and it’s even more out of date at this point. The basics are probably mostly accurate, but I wouldn’t trust anything in it at this point. We’d be better off asking RPM to remove the link (or replace it with the docs that Ankur shared)

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