Rpm-org has dead links to fedoraproject

While searching on rpm.org I did hit some dead links.

rpm-org linked (see on documentation) to the online book on fedora. This book is not online anymore. So I linked in our official documentation.

Available online on a separate site as the Fedora RPM Guide, this book is now released under the Open Publication License, Version 1.0. Note that this links to the WaybackMachine since the Fedora Project for some reason removed the book.

Link to the pull request-changes I made:
Update documentation.md by ilikelinux69 · Pull Request #45 · rpm-software-management/rpm-web · GitHub

Is the pdf still available?

The original RPM guide is quite old, 2011 latest review, I think. The RPM part of the Administrator’s Guide is not much better. To create a link to the outdated Administrator’s Guide is not a good idea, I think. That guide is misleading in many parts or no longer describes any existing part of the Fedora distribution. Therefore, we will take in offline in the near future.

I can add the RPM part of the guide to the Fedora Tools page on short notice. Could you and I work together to make sure, the information is current and accurate? I don’t want to add another outdated and misleading documentation to our guides.

Edit: I’m quite sure the old documentation is available in the repos, too. We could reuse accurate parts of it.