[Review & Publish] Automation through Accessibility

Article Summary:
Using Accessibility as an automation testing tool.

Article Description:
Showing how to use Accessibility as an automation tool. Showcasing what opensource projects we are using and finishing with very simple examples and a link to full technical solution.

Link to draft

I have a question. If required, is it possible to do some small changes after publishing? I can see Edit button on the review page but that does not mean it will be there after publishing.

For schedule I have no preference, as soon as it is reviewed it can go out.

Somehow the link to Draft expired, making a new one.
Renewed link to Draft

Hi @modehnal, thanks so much for your patience. I like this article concept. In general, I like the idea of introducing more accessibility-related content in Fedora messaging channels, because that is something we care about as a community and something we can still improve on.

However, the Fedora Community Blog is focused on contributor-centered news, updates, and announcements. Similar to another recent proposal, what you have written seems to focus more on end-users and practical use of accessibility out in the world. For this reason, what you have written seems to be a better fit for the Fedora Magazine instead.

Also, this is a lot of content and it might be a lot to include in one article. Could this actually be two, maybe three articles? This could turn it into a mini-series and also gives us more content to spread out over time, e.g. 2-3 weeks. What do you think of breaking it down into smaller pieces?

@glb, @rlengland, could you take a look at this article draft and see if it would be a good fit for the Magazine? The public preview link is here.

@modehnal per the suggestion from @jflory7 I’ve opened Pagure ticket #277 to track the progress of your article for the Fedora Magazine.

At this time the ticket is not assigned to you. We will be able to do that AFTER you have signed in for the first time. Please use the link above and your FAS login to sign in and let us know that you have done so.

Please use comments on ticket #277 if you have questions or need to communicate with the editors about anything (like your first sign-in :wink: )

The overall work flow is described at this link as well as other helpful information.

When you have it ready to review in the Fedora Magazine WordPress site, please leave a comment in this ticket, with a preview link, and we will start the review process.

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From Community Blog Review to Fedora Magazine

Thank you for your help in coordinating this @rlengland!

@modehnal, let us know if you have any questions about getting set up on the Fedora Magazine. It is also a WordPress site like the CommBlog, with just a few different tweaks on categories, tags, etc. Thanks again for your interest and willingness to write for Fedora.

Hi, so I signed to the pagure so I think that step is complete.

I also ported the article to the magazine so I think that is also finalized.

To the idea of splitting the content to multiple articles. That is possible and the content for it is there, but I do not think I will have the capacity for it in foreseeable future.

I also believe it works better together. You need all parts to have a working solution. The blog/magazine format already cut a lot to be more digestible for a reader.

Preview to the magazine is here Automation through Accessibility - Fedora Magazine

Thank you for your guidance, hopefully I did not forget anything, please let me know if I did.

FYI @modehnal #277 was assigned to you. You should have received notification.