Status of Accessibility in Fedora Workstation

Hi everyone,
a few months ago, there was a post about Accessibility in Fedora Workstation in the Fedora Magazine. That got me exited since I rely on accessibility tools quite a bit (mostly screen magnification).

I’ve been using the Fedora Cinnamon Spin for years as my daily driver but thought I might give the main GNOME based Fedora Workstation another shot if accessibility work is underway there. At least if the direction looks promising. My last GNOME accessibility experience was not necessarily bad, but a bit underwhelming compared to what I had before. But that had been years in the past and things change :wink:

Wanting to do a quick check before I switch, I tried finding a few docs about the current state, but there seems to be nothing recent about this apart from the one Fedora Magazine post. There are really old guides for F12 and a few drafts for more recent ones with one for F20 being the most recent one I could find. There also aren’t any #accessibility or #a11y tags here on Fedora Discussion.

Looking upstream to the GNOME Accessibility Team I also only found old docs with links to the GNOME accessibility mailing list which does not seem to exist any longer and a roadmap which ended in 2012. Again, nothing pointing to any recent activity in this area.

Does anyone know if there is still interest in this accessibility? Or are the recent efforts already dead again?

Hi Lars,
Thank you so much for showing interest. While Accessibility work hasn’t exactly died, it’s definitely going slower than what I had “dreamed” of. @ekidney has been handling most thing alone with some help of mine. We meet in the DEI meeting and it would be great to have you there with new insight. I would love us to get started with good speed.
If you can, do join Meeting "DEI Bi-Weekly Meeting (Early)" - Fedocal

Thanks for pointing out the meeting. It’s unlikely that I can make it on a bi-weekly basis, but I should be able to drop by today. See you later.

This isn’t workstation specific (it’s based on Mate IIRC), but David had written up a few pages on accessibility for the quick-docs.

Improvments/additions to these will be most welcome.