2023-11-07 - Accessibility WG Meeting Recap

The team met for our monthly audio / video meeting last week, November 7th. Thanks to everyone that was able to make it. Our next meeting is scheduled for Dec 5th, 2023. Here is the Fedocal link.

Issue tracker on GitLab

Discussion topics

  • Accessibility WG vision and mission statements

    • We decided that this would be our short-term goal.
    • We took silent brainstorming time to draft vision and mission statements for the team. This ticket linked above is a public place for us to continue working through the vision and mission statement proposals and agree on final statements by our next team meeting.
  • Accessibility Survey

    • Draft questions can be found here
    • We decided that this was a medium-term goal.
    • The team decided to focus on the vision and mission statement of the group before looking at the survey. By agreeing on the scope and overall focus of the team, we can leverage the survey to gather the most relevant and useful data.
  • Could Fedora Accessibility be a Community Initiative?

    • We decided that this was a long-term goal.
    • Justin outlined the plan and invites those interested in the Fedora Accessibility Working Group / accessibility in Linux to comment on the linked issue. Share your background, skills, or projects related to Linux accessibility. In December, those comments could form a proposal of work that we take on together.

    That’s all for now! Thanks again for those who attended, and we welcome anyone out there that would like to come along next time.


Thanks for the recap, @ekidney!

I’d suggest 2 questions for assistive software. 1 for whether you use it on Linux, 1 for otherwise. The difference would highlight accessibility tools available in Linux but not elsewhere, and elsewhere but not Linux.

I’d also like to know if the other questions are only asking about accessibility on Linux, or in general.

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I like this idea because the question shapes areas that we can improve or catch up on.

As I understood it, the main purpose of this was to be the Linux accessibility survey. I do not think we want to stray too far from Linux. While it is useful to know gaps that Linux has compared to other platforms, I do think we want to speak explicitly to Linux users first.

Does that make sense, or does it seem reasonable? My concern is that if we target accessibility on all platforms, it might be hard for us to come up with actionable follow-ups from the survey results.