2024-05-28 - Accessibility WG Meeting Recap

Hi everyone! Apologies for the delay on this post. Here’s a recap last months A11y WG meeting :slight_smile:

Announcements & Updates

  • Fedora 40 Release Party: Held last weekend. Look out for uploads on YouTube.
  • Elections: More info at Fedora Elections.
  • Fedora 41 Release Cycle: Commencing now.
  • Fedora Week of Diversity: Registration is open at Fedora Week of Diversity 2024.

Follow-ups from Last Meeting

  • Fedora a11y at Fedora Linux 40 Release Party:
    • Issue #13.
    • Discussed how to improve for next time.
  • Test Day Ticket:
  • Outreach to Workstation WG:
    • Issue #433. Initial hesitation but potential for future partnership, particularly with GNOME.
    • Future collaboration with KDE SIG suggested after piloting with Workstation WG.
    • No immediate action required.
    • Outreach via Orca mailing list considered.

Agenda Topics & Notes

  • Council Video Update:
    • “State of Accessibility” proposed for July 3. Justin to confirm. Michael Epley interested.
  • Test Week:
    • Discussed as per above.
  • Orca in Installer for Fedora Atomic Desktops:
  • Fedora 40 Orca Situation Post-Mortem:
  • Dedicated Chat Room for A11y WG:
    • Proposal to create a separate space from the DEI Team room.

Open Floor

Next Meeting: June 25, 2024 4pm UTC :slight_smile:
Checkout https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/accessibility-wg-meeting-every-month/ for meeting updates.

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