Reporting pagure server issues? (not is currently running dog-slow, with PR comment reactions taking tens of seconds to show up, and the one attempt I made to submit an actual comment spinning for like 3+ minutes so far without result. (Edit: Finally succeeded, after taking literally 5+ minutes.)

Does someone know the “correct” place to report that, if it isn’t already a known issue?


but this is almost surely:

TLDR: The datacenter is in has problems with it’s primary
network link and is running on a lower capacity one.
Networking folks are working with the provider to fix it, but it’s been
difficult. ;(

Hopefully they will get it fixed early next week.


Eeeek. Reminds me why I’m glad I no longer work for an ISP, where some cowboy with a backhoe could ruin your entire weekend. Now, I have the option to just occupy myself with other things for a few days, which is what I shall do. Thanks!