Replace Firefox with Firefox LTS in Silverblue

Please replace firefox from silverblue with firefox lts. I mean eventually I am gonna install flatpak version. Because original one doesn’t have required codecs. And it’s hard to distinguish from flatpak with original one. Two app in application menu.

At least with Firefox lts like Debian. We will have seperate name. Firefox Stable or something.

Or just install the flathub version

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That is unlikely gonna happen and you have couple of choice, you can remove firefox from your silverblue system and install from toolbox with codecs and have it all. Or you can install codecs to layer it.

If you ask why do we have firefox, It is because when you install silverblue or using live mode you need a tool to access internet and search what you need in case problem or upload logs and any other situation you encounter, So that firefox gonna stay and stay updated and secondly fedora always goes forward and there is no plan to swap firefox with LTS and would actually cause more problem then solution because certain fixes and changes we need in for example wayland or codecs or optimizations etc. So that is why It will be stay as it is.

And what about official flathub package from Mozilla ? I’m using it and don’t see any regression. And my browser can’t access my files due to Flatpak sandbox.

Because Mozilla is willing to package certain patent encumbered bits, it won’t ever be the same beast in comparison to the Fedora build of it.

You should install flatseal to use to grant it permission.

I think he was citing the sandboxing as a positive.

There could be runtimes compatible with the org.fedoraproject.Platform which provide support for FFmpeg and other patented software, similar to how there are FFmpeg and openh264 extension runtimes for org.freedesktop.Platform.

The people who maintain rpm-fusion is likely who everyone would look to for something like that. Editing to make this more respectful, but the applications in the Fedora remote go so long between updates that the remote doesn’t feel cared for by Fedora. Fedora is supposed to be the leading edge.

Another conversation is it’s time Fedora embraces FFmpeg / gstreamer-libav. No one is going to get sued for having it installed or shipping it by default. I’m sure if we could get the metrics the vast majority of Workstation and Silverblue installs would have one or both of those extra codecs.