Removing Web Apps

Hi there!
I recently wanted to try out making webapps out and after making it…
I am stuck of how can I remove that application?

I simply made the web app shortcuts out from the Brave Browser and can anyone help me remove this?

On a side note: If you want to know how I made the web application shortcut I made it via a youtube tutotial : How To Create A Google Chrome GMail Or App Desktop Shortcut - YouTube

If you have installed a web app, then open it and navigate to ⋮ > Uninstall App Name… > Remove.

If you have only created a shortcut, then simply remove the respective file:

nautilus ~/.local/share/applications

Thank You @vgaetera but I did not find the file there but on the other hand I found the solution myself

Solution: If you have created the web app through the Brave-Browser, Google or Chromium then go to chrome://apps/ in browser and then remove the web app you have created…
For Firefox how ever I have no any idea either to create or to remove…
Hope you will find someone who knows about this…


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