Removing Google Chrome from Fedora Silverblue & Upgrading from 33 to 34

Hi everyone,

I’m aiming to accomplish the following:

1.) Delete and reinstall Google Chrome to a more recent version.
2.) Upgrade from Fedora 33 Silverblue to Fedora 34 Silverblue

If I got these two things done than this would be a monumental success.

I had watched a YouTube video awhile back and saw that there is someone that’s a Fedora expert that now works at AWS - but I can’t seem to find it again. I’d like to connect with that person as I had launched an VPS, VPC, EC2 w/ Elastic IP then put together a hosting platform on said EC2 but I did all of this through an Ubuntu VM (gnome boxes). I just have a couple of questions about how I’d configure this on Fedora to do the same and here’s the link to the instructions I followed: tutorialinux/config_files/webservers/nginx_site_conf_ssl_http2.conf at master · groovemonkey/tutorialinux · GitHub

Is there a video tutorial link on how one would setup and administer a Gnome Boxes VM for a MacBook Air non-technical user or Microsoft Windows non-technical user to use? Meaning, do they just download VirtualBox and I send em a .zip file w/ an image?

Thanks everyone,