Remove hunspell-en dependency on rpm-ostree for Silverblue?


I’m trying to make some spring housekeeping and remove unnecessary languages in the Mozilla (Firefox/Thunderbird) spell checkers. Found this: and messing in the /usr/share/ is not an option in Silverblue.

As I need more than one dictionary (I’m polyglot), fixing one only dictionary in Firefox prefs is also not an option.

I found a way to remove all English variants but en_US that works fine with:
$ rpm-ostree override hunspell-en

But this mess with dependencies for other upgrades. in my case, got wine complaining of no package for the mesa-dri dependency because I blocked the hunspell-en. Removing the override (rpm-ostree override reset hunspell-en) things went back in order concerning dependencies, but also the wide list of English variants in Firefox (I don’t care about en_AU or en_NZ, but I do care about switching quickly from English to Spanish, Portuguese or French in a non-polluted list).

My questions:

  1. Is there a way to properly remove this hunspell-en package to avoid having ALL English variants spellchecks?
  2. If not, which is the best way to reach dev team and try to convince them to change dependencies policy so removing a spellchecker don’t mess with other apps install/upgrades?

Linux is supposed to be modular, isn’t it?