Remote support tool in open source

Hi, what’s the open-source equivalent of TeamViewer for IT support?
Security objectives may not be achieved just by selecting a tool. It will be about the process, which is auditable and integrated with workflow.

Grateful if you can introduce your best practice in supporting business customers/high security (bank, public sector, education, and so on).


Students mostly just access remote servers over SSH where I work (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville – Computer Science). We do have one server set up to host graphical sessions over X2Go, but I don’t think it is used much.

For IT support, that’s just me and, likewise, I just use SSH. I don’t really do much support for the employees/professors though (the CS guys kind of like to run their own systems :slightly_smiling_face:).

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I use ssh and tmux, I ssh to people’s system and tmux to share a session to so that we both can see what the other is doing and work through the issue.

I will also use sos to help get an idea of a system before I access it just so I’m not completely blind going in.

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Sounds good. ssh and tmux seem ubiquitous in remote sessions. Can you share the links on sos?

I see two differing opinions between my support community and management about remote sessions;

  1. Don’t force technology. Don’t ask too many questions beforehand.
  2. Use the standard tool. Collect information (logs, environment) as much as possible to reproduce issues.
    What happened during the remote session.
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Here is some Red Hat documentation on SOS. I have used this helping friends and family when their systems have and issue. It give me some information that I can go through and get an Idea of the issue before I get on a terminal session.