Remote desktop / gnome-connections fail to connect with Fedora 38

I have two Fedora 38 boxes updated to the the latest packages as of today June 29th. On one I activate the ‘Remote Desktop’ feature in the standard gnome-settings. I then attempt to connect with rdp from a second machine also running gnome 38. I am using the gnome-connections program. While running gnome-connections from the command line, the following output is reported which seems rather odd.

[17:18:59:771] [21665:22020] [WARN][com.freerdp.crypto] - Certificate verification failure 'self-signed certificate (18)' at stack position 0
[17:18:59:771] [21665:22020] [WARN][com.freerdp.crypto] - CN = GNOME, C = US
[17:19:08:785] [21665:22020] [ERROR][com.freerdp.core.connection] - Timeout waiting for activation

** (gnome-connections:21665): WARNING **: 17:19:08.064: Unexpected RDP error: 'Success.'

I have seen in prior similar issues that upgrading to mutter 42.2 is a factor, however, both of these Fedora 38 boxes are running 42.2-2 already,

Does anyone have advice on how to further debug this? Am I misunderstand something here? I think I have done what would most naturally be done by user. The final message is the most strange to me. I have seen in other reports here that the certificate verification is not unusual.

How much can I read into the error message? It seems to remote a timeout and then something is creating a ‘success’ message that is interpreted as an error.

The machines are connected through a common wifi network and I’m using their direct ip addresses.

For reference, the similar thread is

However, the errors reported are not the same and the solution seems to have already been applied in my case. Thus, unless there is evidence to the contrary, I believe this may be a separate problem.

Still having exactly the same problem in Fedora 39. How to debug ? what to do ? gnome remote desktop is absolute useless because of this