Refresh rpm metadata

hello everyone

there is a command at rpm-ostree where I can clear the cache of the metadata so that everything is re-synchronized like with the workstation (dnf upgrade --refresh)

i found this two commands
rpm-ostree refresh-md --force
rpm-ostree cleanup -m

I installed chrome-unstable and it gets updates more often. The problem is that the repo metadata is not updated that often, so I have to recreate the repo metadata so that the update is displayed

sudo rpm-ostree cleanup -m
sudo rpm-ostre refresh-md

This is how I have typically cleared and updated my repo metadata, however it sounds like the --force option does them both. Personally I’ll just stick to how I typically do it already (although I do cleanup -bm, not sure if that matters).

thank you i will try it :smiley:

I’ve tried it, but I’m not really satisfied with entering 3 commands to upgrade

rpm-ostree respects the metadata_expire key just like dnf. Usually the repo file ships with the appropriate value already set, but you can also manually tweak its value as necessary.


@jlebon ,
Do you know if there is some doc(or collection of) that reveals all that rpm-ostree shares with dnf through libdnf(I guess the libdnf doc’s, right :wink: ) that would be of use to some Silverblue users? This topic recurs on occasion.

WRT automatic updates, I generally never notice them until I am prompted for restart. System upgrades, ie, to the next Fedora Linux, are always announced via Gnome SW now, and I have the option of doing it via the GUI or in a terminal, both work the same for me (as expected).
Although, early on in adjusting to the paradigm shift that is Silverblue, I had issues more often with various aspects of system upkeep. Now, I seldom need to manually do any of these tasks such as refreshing the metadata or repairing the flatpak installation. It is steadily improving.

I have the same problem with the workstation and there I use the dnf upgrade --refresh. with silverblue I don’t know whether I can use the command rpm-ostree refresh-md --force

I looked at the silverblue and rpm-ostree website and found nothing :sweat_smile: