[rpm-ostree] equivalent to dnf upgrade --refresh?


Is there an equivalent to trigger an upgrade and a force refresh of the RPM metadata in one command àla dnf upgrade --refresh?

rpm-ostree upgrade --check forces a refresh of the RPM metadata without upgrading.

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rpm-ostree upgrade --refresh && rpm-ostree upgrade. So no there isn’t, but two commands on one line is pretty easy, or on separate lines for that matter. Apparently only one command is needed the refresh option will update the metadata and if there are updates then download them. I just did it.

I don’t think --refresh is a real option. Perhaps I’m wrong but my terminal says unknown option when I try. I usually do the following, and usually just two separate commands but I suppose you could do the && trick:

sudo rpm-ostree cleanup -m
sudo rpm-ostree upgrade

Hello @mpphill2,
It is an option to the upgrade command, you use it like
rpm-ostree upgrade refresh and it will refresh the metadata without downloading beforehand. Also it will do the update if there is a need to.

Hello @jakfrost,
Didn’t know about rpm-ostree upgrade refresh. I’ve ran a few tests now and I don’t think it works like dnf upgrade --refresh. My enabled rpmfusion repos were 5 hours old and rpm-ostree upgrade refresh was still using the “old” repo info/metadata, even showing it as “cached”. Using rpm-ostree upgrade --check before resulted in a real refresh and 4 packages more to upgrade.

I’m aware that --check / dnf refresh will put more strain on the servers, but on SB with enabled rpmfusion I’m often seeing “would replace base package” if fedora and rpmfusion repos are out of sync - even only a few hours. --check has always fixed this issue for me.

Hello @Mershl,
rpmfusion repos always are behind the main Fedora repo. It is quite normal for them to be even a day out at times.

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