Rebase from 31 to 29: error: Base packages would be removed: gnupg

hello, im trying to rebase from SB31 to SB29 and i got

error: Base packages would be removed: gnupg-1.4.23-2.fc29.x86_64

any workaround to that? thanks!

i just went from rawhide 0306 to fedora 29 without any problems. but i ran rpm-ostree uninstall --all before the rebase. i’m desperately waiting for 30 as rawhide is currently a little bit to fancy for my daily workstation (e.g kernel 5.1.0-rc0).

i recorded all installed packages with via rpm-ostree status (LayeredPackages) and just reinstalled them afterwards.

clearing all layered made the trick, but gnuph wasnt part of the base? btw my user account broke now …but rebase worked :confused:

i’m not 100% sure but i think gnupg-1 is not part of SB30. SB29 comes with gnupg-2 and gnup-1, i had to change some config’s and was confused :slight_smile:

I also had to go back to 29 until we get 30 branch. That one extra number was just in a way…

Do you mean you had to create a new user to continue, like a fresh install?

was noobism! b/c i removed all layered i broke my Linux Shell session, so i couldnt login w my account; but a think i didnt know was that GNOME Shell (GDM) removed the user from the list

It just sounds similar to a problem I had (twice). I had rebased after layering changes were made (addition or removal) (one time), then after downgrading of certain packages (podman and buildah) then removing the pkg downgrade I was left with my original user intact for the most part but the Gnome-Session thought it needed to do a first boot both times. I couldn’t get it to repeat so I closed the issue, but I know at least one other user experienced the same thing. In my case I (believe I) did two (at least) rpm-ostree operations on the ostree before a reboot which caused the issue, although since I couldn’t get it to repeat it was near impossible to troubleshoot.