Again: Forbidden base package replacements

I am running:
rpm-ostree status
State: idle
AutomaticUpdates: disabled
● ostree://fedora-workstation:fedora/30/x86_64/silverblue
Version: 30.20190427.n.0 (2019-04-27T08:57:18Z)
with some layer packages. No local packages

“rpm-ostree upgrade” throws a
“Forbidden base package replacements:
gnome-software 3.32.1-2.fc30 → 3.32.1-3.fc30 (updates)
gnome-software-rpm-ostree 3.32.1-2.fc30 → 3.32.1-3.fc30 (updates)”
Disabling gnome-shell-extensions and “rpm-ostree cleanup -m may help” doesn’t help.

How to know which layered packages have which requirements on newer or older versions of some base packages? Or what else can I do?

I have about 30 layered packages installed.

And what does above mean? Is gnome-software 3.32.1-3.fc30 relying/depending on gnome-software 3.32.1-2.fc30?


Not quite, it just means a layered package that somehow is related to Software has a version conflict.

People will likely see some issues like this because we are having issues getting an updated OSTree out for silverblue right now. You can follow along the progress for getting this fixed at Issue #8330: no f30 silverblue updates: ostree composes started by bodhi are failing - releng -


I did a “rpm-ostree reset” & “systemctl reboot”. And then “rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/30/x86_64/silverblue” to switch from fedora-workstation to fedora. And “http2=1” in conf.

Now all layered packages are gone of course. No conflicts anymore. No upgrade available.

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