Realtek 8812AU

Hello there

I have a wireless adapter with the chip cited. I follow the istruction from this web site - Realtek 802.11ac USB Wi-Fi Linux Driver Installation - Kuan-Yi Li's Blog - and everything did not report any errors. However, FD33 still does not reconise the adapter. A solution will be much appreciate it without depreciating the kernel version.


How can we possibly make a comment about the kernel version.? You did not tell us which kernel you have.

The only comment I have is this:
Did you reboot to the latest kernel you had installed before you did the make of the module? and did you do a full dnf upgrade so everything was at the latest package level before you did the module make?

If you failed to do either one, then do the upgrade, followed by a reboot, then repeat the steps on that site, redo the make and install, then see if the module can be loaded into the kernel.

It is very important when building a kernel module that the kernel-devel and kernel-headers are correct for the running kernel so the module is built correctly.

If you know the name of the module built, a simple “sudo modprobe module-name” should insert it. Also, “lsmod | grep module-name” can tell you if that module is already loaded.

Using the command “inxi -Fxx” can give you details about all the installed hardware and any drivers currently running. If you see the wrong driver already loaded for that card you would need to do an “rmmod module-name” for the improper driver before the correct driver can be loaded.

Thank you for your reply.
Of course when I update the system I restart the system.
Anyhow I did what you have suggested. However I repeated the steps on that website and the following errors were given:
make dkms_install
mkdir -p /usr/src/8812au-
cp -r * /usr/src/8812au-
dkms add -m 8812au -v
Error! DKMS tree already contains: 8812au-
You cannot add the same module/version combo more than once.
make: *** [Makefile:2303: dkms_install] Error 3
I did check cli command lsmod the module is not found as 8812au unless it is installed with a different name. Of course I tried to look even for Realtek and any 88???.
Therefore how can I check in what name the module is stored in the system?
Alternatevly I would appreciate it if you could advice me a wireless adapter that is native to fedora and other distros> Anyhow thank you

I think most of the realtek modules are named with “rtl” as part of the module name. I don’t have anything that uses realtek so I can’t just look and find out. Maybe someone who uses realtek devices can jump in here.
There are several other threads on this forum about the realtek 8812. This is one and may be similar to your needs, but a simple search will locate them.

Thank you for your help very much appreciate it.