Random shutdowns with log message "Power key pressed short."

Afer a fresh install of Fedora 36 on a new computer, I get periodic shutdowns
when video is active (playing a video for example.) The journal shows:

	systemd-logind[1617]: Power key pressed short.

There is a documented fix on the Redhat Customer Portal:


I can't access the solution and it's beyond my comprehension to figure
out how I might pay for the information. But since it also occurs on
Fedora, perhaps someone here has found a solution.

System: Fedora 36 with all updates as of 2022-10-27
Kernel: 5.19.16-200.fc36.x86_64

Video: NVIDIA GA106 [Geforce RTX 3050]

The problem occurs with both the proprietary drivers from rpmfusion and with the nouveau driver. Nouveau has no hardware acceleration for this card.

I tried using "noapic" on the kernel command line. That didn't help.

Thanks for any insights.

That “solution” is anti-climactic. It basically suggests that someone must have pressed the power button.