Computer keeps shutting off randomly, F35

While using my computer, on F35, I run into issues with restarting and shutting down. This can happen on random occasions and is not related to time.

It has shut down about 3 or 4 times already, all at random times and has restarted once on it’s own.

When it restarted, it automatically shut off without fully booting up Fedora.

Any help?

In my experience there are 3 things that routinely can cause that behavior.

  1. Power that is unstable can cause the system to drop when it fluctuates.
  2. A power supply that is failing can have intermittent internal voltage fluctuations that may cause the system to drop off.
  3. A CPU cooling fan/system that is failing or has restricted air flow can intermittently allow overheating which will shut the system down.

You don’t tell us much about your system or environment but hopefully these pointers will tell you where to look for trouble shooting.

What I did was turn off the screen timer option off and I no longer have the problem.

The environment around my computer is good. There is space and I clean the dust off the exterior often. The interior does need cleaning, and I do it occasionally but it is not a regular thing.

I believe that problem had to do with software and not hardware.

I think this issue could be related to hardware kindly check the output voltage of the smps mostly if smps creates voltage issue so your system will shutdown by itself to safe it.
Or maybe your cpu getting too hot to run so it get shutdown. Or try ram maybe not working correctly.first try to observe tge cpu temp and then the otger stuff.
And kindly provide some hardware details so we can understand better your system.