Random Screen Flickers issue in Fedora 38

I don’t know if to call this screen flickering, but I have opened a post about this before, which had a solution that worked temporarily, but currently the flicker is back.
I have this really awkward flicker in Fedora that happens sometimes with apps, when i’m full-screened into apps the top bar has a random flicker, sometimes there is a random black bar that appears for a split second and then goes away, it is very bothersome and i’ve tried to reinstall drivers several times, nothing helped.
I’m not sure if I can capture this happening, even though it’s actually fairly often happening, because it happens too fast for me to capture it.

To add on to this, I am on X11, not Wayland, but it happens on both, that’s at least as far as I can remember.

I noticed the same thing after I upgraded my machine yesterday. This was in power saver mode. When I switched to Performance mode it seems to be resolved. I changed back to Power Saver mode and have not noticed it although it has only been a few minutes. I will try to follow up if I see it again.