Random Freeze on Thinkpad Lenovo T14s Gen 3 AMD (Fedora 37)


I have been experiencing numerous freezes (around 1 time by 2 hours) since about March 15 on my Thinkpad Lenovo T14s Gen 3 AMD, with Fedora 37.

Here are the details of my configuration: inxi_2023-03-26.txt · GitHub

I read this thread How to find an hardware error (System freeze, automatic reboot) - #3 by elwooz
Then have disabled the CPU Power Management option in the BIOS.

But even after this change, I still have freezes :frowning_face:.

Now, I test with Bluetooth disabled, and performance power profile, I will see if with these two conditions, I still have or not some freeze.

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Same message on Thinkpad subreddit.

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Here is my dmesg.txt content: dmesg.txt · GitHub

I get a freeze with bluetooth disable and performance power profile :frowning_face:.

you have also the same errors in the log as in this post
ACPI: thermal: [Firmware Bug]: Invalid critical threshold (0)
ACPI: thermal: [Firmware Bug]: No valid trip found

Maybe you try an older Kernel
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Update: if I wait one or two minutes, my OS comes out of the freeze without reboot, it works correctly again :thinking:.

By chance were you doing a lot of file-based operations at the time or making a lot of external database connections? This kind of behavior often happens when there is IO bound load on a system. Generally, kernel/ACPI panics from overheating, etc., are non-recoverable and require a hard power cycle.

No :pensive:

Out of curiosity, does this happen on the 6.1 kernel or only the new 6.2 kernel?

Asking because we have the same machine – have you experienced laggy title bars when moving windows since moving to F37 kernel 6.2.7? It’s currently unusable for me. If I move a window fast enough I can paint the screen with title bars.

I’m running on 6.2.7-200.fc37.x86_64.

I will test on 6.2.8.

I have still freeze with kernel 6.2.8.

I think that my freeze issue is fixed by Regalar screen glitch on Thinkpad T14s Gen3 AMD - #14 by stephaneklein

I think the two problems were related :thinking: .


0 freeze today :slightly_smiling_face:.

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