F36 freezes randomly from time to time: New Thinkpad 12th Gen i7, no NVIDIA GPU


Hope somebody can provide some guidance. I recently bought this laptop. Specs can be found here.

I’m dual booting with Windows11. On Linux all is working fine except that, some times, randomly, out of nowhere the system freezes for about 12 seconds. The mouse stops moving, not possible to do anything. Then, the system comes back to normal state.

I have check the logs, but I haven’t be able to identify a problem happening at the time the system froze (I’m not an expert tough).

I can live with this since it doesn’t happen frequently, perhaps once per week, or every two weeks. I don’t know what is triggering the problem but I would like to fix it since it will be bad if occurs during an important meeting.

Can you suggest me how to identify the issue? What should I do just after the system recovers? How/where should I report it?


Edit1: I have read it might be related with power saving mode on the Intel GPU (Intel graphics - ArchWiki) do you think it might be worth giving it a try?