(quick) doc for multiboot Linuxes

Hello Doc friends,
I have noticed that multibooting two or more Linuxes is a topic that regularly appears on ask.fp.o but there is no good guide out there that can be linked to.
While dual-booting with MS Win is straightforward these days, dual-booting two distros each coming with Grub2 is a bit more complicated.

My suggestion was to document the conditions and procedures for sucessfully booting two+ Linuxes. Unfortunately I am not the right person for the job since I am not experienced at all with that topic. Maybe the following guide from @lorebett could help us to draft the doc. Multibooting with GRUB | Lorenzo Bettini Maybe there are other guides out there that I am not aware of.

What do you think, do we need a Multiboot Linuxes doc page?


Thank you for mentioning my article :hugs:

I’m still using the documented mechanism, and it still works. At least on my machines :wink:

Please, also take this other article into consideration if one of the booted system is Arch-based: https://www.lorenzobettini.it/2022/09/my-notes-on-the-grub-incident-in-linux-arch/


100% we need a doc about multi-booting Linux.

I think we can further define the scope as:

  1. Focus on dual boot, with Fedora installed last.
  2. Single Disk

I have a feeling that, when both Linux support systemd-boot, it will be easier than using grub2 .

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