How to dual boot without losing Fedora

I tried creating a dual boot with Ubuntu but the Ubuntu installation left Fedora unbootable and and option to boot into Fedora was not presented in the new Ubuntu boot list. Is there a way to add another OS to my present Fedora installation and adding the new OS as a boot option to the Fedora boot process that already exists? Thanks

You will have 2 Grubs with different versions and configurations. Sorry I don’t have an answer, but instead a suggestion: If you are dual booting to use an application that requires Ubuntu, it is probably a better idea to use an Ubuntu container inside Fedora like distrobox.

That is a very interesting solution. I need access to usb and udev which do not work correctly through virtualization, but according to distrobox docs, it looks like this way would work. I will check it out. Thanks.

If one wants to easily manage multiple OSes on a single drive it seems easiest to me to use only one efi partition for booting. There are also problems with ubuntu and fedora in that if fedora is installed first then ubuntu seems to not recognize fedora. If Ubuntu is installed first then fedora seems to recognize ubuntu easily and will boot both.