Dual booting fedora

Hello, I’ve installed Fedora 33 recently (dual-boot with Windows 10) and apparently it automatically installed grub boot loader, but I don’t want It (due to some issues that It will make later like “grub rescue” thing).
I’ve tried easyBCD tool to put Fedora in Windows’ boot loader but it didn’t recognize Fedora (I’ve tried grub 2 with auto locating option). how can I make it happen?

I have been using fedora dual boot with windows for many years using grub and have never had an issue. I suspect most do not since I seldom see posts about grub problems and those seem most often related to situations where the user has installed 3 or more OSes on the machine and is having trouble keeping grub properly updated to boot his main linux distro. It is far from certain that you will encounter some issues that It will make later like “grub rescue” thing

I think that as long as you only have the machine dual booting and keep it properly updated that you will have no problems with grub.

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In some UEFI you can choose the bood loader.
I actually don’t know how it works, but given you installed Windows once some UEFI may remember the boot loader Position. So check out your bios boot options.